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The Water Shop was established in 1989 in Burlington, Ontario, as a family business. The Water Shop deals with water purification, treatment and dispensing systems for both commercial and residential use.

The major service we provide is dispensing purified water to over 2000
regular customers including account holders and walk-ins. In addition,
we have a water delivery department with over one hundred water
delivery accounts.

For the past nine years we have also been the largest retailers in the area
of Sunveil Sunwear, the sun protective apparel which is prescribed as the
viable alternative to sun-screen lotions. In our large boutique-like showroom you will find all designs in all colours and sizes. We also offer mail order
service for those who are shopping from a distance.

We offer a large assortment of water distillers, reverse osmosis units,
and water coolers, including spare parts and accessories. We also provide maintenance and repair services.

We are committed to providing only the highest quality drinking water as
well as offering the best solution to your water concerns.

All products we sell are the best in quality and performance.


  Company Profile  Store Location and Contact Us  Free Water